Thanks Giving

Want To Give For Thanks Giving?

Thanks Giving Categories & Accounts

  • Salvation

    - All those that got born again this year of Perfection.
    - All those that joined the Church this year.
    - Those that started attending services on this platform this year.
    - Teens/ Children testimonies.

  • Financial & Material Increase

    - Material blessings.
    - New Jobs or Businesses / Promotions.
    - Academic Progress & Marriages.
    - Fruit of the Womb.

  • Spiritual Growth

    - Special Protection & Deliverance.
    - Spiritual Exploits & Leadership in the house of God.
    - The impact of the Word & the Spirit in your life.
    - Divine Healing and Divine Health.

  • Special Thanksgiving

    Special Individual/Group thanksgiving.

  • Thanksgiving Bank Account Details

    Account Name: CE Lagos Zone 5 Account 7.
    Account Number: 0075508435.